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We are more than a tech company.

This is ATRIASOFT, where all the ideas come to life. We're made up of a creative efficient core that offers services to the largest private and government organizations, and has the ability to fulfill any tech related needs that businesses might have.

We specialize in the field of information technology, but far beyond a simple IT company. We are the developers of new technologies, and it doesn't matter if these techs are created by ourselves or others.

Thousands of users are now using AtriaSoft services. All these users around the world have had a very positive experience and feedback using our services. To know more about what we offer, and who we are keep scrolling.


Main services.

Our software development and network engineering based services. Scroll to see more.


We are software developers, the creators of fascinating apps that have Global users

Cloud & IoT

We design various forms of cloud technology based on your needs and environments.


We are a certified team, ready to offer any virtualization, VDI & any other network services.


Other services.

Take a look at what we have for you in field of content and learning management system.

LMS Design

We offer our own LMS infrastructure which can be customized for any business.

Content & SEO

We are professionals at creating various forms of content .


learn all IT & network engineering topics in a hundred stations effectively .


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Software Department

Code Generator

Cross-platform development

Using AtriaSoft Code Generator, we have given new life to software production and development. We produce cross platform software applications for all kinds of hardware and needs.

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Cloud Department

VDI Developers

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Publish your desired applications and operating systems on the Internet without using VDI Gateways.

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Datacenter Department

Physical & Virtual Appliances

Network Services

Launch the most complex network services virtually over a click. If you do not have the required resources, use our Physical Appliances or use our cloud resources.

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LMS Design Department

Corporate LMS

Corporate Education

Implement smart training strategies in your organization using Atriasoft's LMS (Learning Management System) and monitor the quality of your employees' learning process with its unique features.

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Content Department

Content Generator

Commercial & Educational

Atria Content Generator team helps you create your own unique content and implement any text, image or video content for your business, the best way possible.

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IT in 100 Stations

IT Training & Certification

In Atria Academy, you can learn all IT & network engineering topics in a hundred stations effectively. You can access all the trainings and lessons virtually and online.

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Cloud & IOT Department

Residential IPTV

Internet TV service

With Residential & Corporate IPTV Services, You can stream any TV Channels to your users with low bandwidth, and also, you can manage user access with awsome web administration panel.

Touch our quality

few examples among hundreds of our projects to help you take a better a look at the quality of our services.

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Cloud Dept.

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LMS Dept.

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The LAMP of Love

IOT Dept.

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Atria Health

Content Dept.

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They trust us.

More than 10,000 concurrent users , more than 20 government & private companies trust us.


working hours.




hours content.

They couldn't have done it better. We are now enjoying our new VDI infrastructure and feeling the joy of working remotely.

Mehdi Nosrati Infrastructure Dpt.

They are truly a passionate hardworking team, ready to deliver the best of their services. We absolutely enjoyed the way they do their jobs and we got the best results using their services.

Hamid Gorjizadeh CTO

Using AtriaSoft cloud services we no longer worry about our limited resources. We are just one click away from any software application or operating system we need. Thank you for the good service and support.

... CTO


Want to get to know us more or want to start a unique awesome project with us? Feel free to talk to us, we will be happy to answser you. Here is how to reach us:


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